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User Management

Use WP SiteLauncher to save and manage all your team and client users and roles in our convenient app, and instantly add saved users to new WordPress websites.

👉Save And Manage All Your Team And Client Users In The App

WP SiteLauncher Is Designed To Help Manage Your Client And Team Members

Save Collaborators To Your Account For Reuse

Experience the ease of managing your team and client users with WP SiteLauncher. Seamlessly save and organize users and and roles to the app, allowing for easy reuse on new websites.

Instantly Add Saved Users To New Websites

Add a touch of simplicity to your website creation process by easily integrating users saved in the app to your new WordPress sites, allowing you to save time and kickstart your projects instantly.

Manage User Access With Roles And Permissions

Easily manage and assign user roles with WP SiteLauncher, empowering team members and clients with specific features and permissions based on each individual’s role within the website project.

Imagine Your New Workflow 🤩

(It’s Going To Be Different Now…)

Some Other Old Way 👎

  • Try to remember everyone and add them as users
  • Manually create WordPress users for each person
  • Repeat the same manual processes for each site
  • Worry about who can access what
  • Set up user roles over and over for each site

With WP SiteLauncher 👌

  • Save contractors and team members to the cloud
  • Instantly add every user from your team to a site
  • Automatically create WordPress user accounts
  • Configure their assigned user roles to reuse again
  • Manage access and permissions for each user

Everyone Will Love It

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Save and manage team and client users saved in your account along with their roles, groups, and companies.


Designate user roles and manage permissions to fine tune which team members and clients can see and do things only relevant to them.

User Preferences

Fine-tune your experience interacting with the tools and features based on your own user preferences.

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