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Quick Startup

Use WP SiteLauncher to quickly set up your WordPress website with the convenient site settings template, powerful automated startup actions, and customizable onboarding steps.

👉Start New WordPress Websites Quickly With Our Helpful Tools

WP SiteLauncher Is Designed To Supercharge The Website Launch Process

Begin With A Preconfigured Site Settings Template

The site template feature allows you to set up your WP SiteLauncher settings, users, roles, tasks, branding, and anything else in the app and deploy it instantly when installing the plugin on new websites.

Take Advantage Of One-Click Startup Actions

Skip the boring tasks and streamline your workflow with WP SiteLauncher’s revolutionary one-click startup actions. Easily remove default themes, plugins, pages, posts, and widgets, assign the homepage, and set the permalinks!

Install Your Favorite Plugins From A Saved List

Save a considerable amount of time and avoid the hassle of repetitive clicking with WP SiteLauncher. Conveniently save collections of your most used plugins in the app and deploy them instantly on new sites with a one-click startup action! 

Guide Users With Customizable Onboarding Steps

Set up tasks in the onboarding checklist pinned in the Launchpad to help users become familiar with WP SiteLauncher or their website. Add any task you want with information or steps for everyone to complete.

Imagine Your New Workflow 🤩

(It’s Going To Be Different Now…)

Some Other Old Way 👎

  • Start everything from scratch on every new website
  • Add your team users one by one for each site
  • Toil through boring repetitive admin tasks
  • Endure installing plugins one after the other over and over
  • Leave everyone on their own and confused where to go
  • Hope for the best when a client logs in to check the site

With WP SiteLauncher 👌

  • Configure a site settings template for instant deployment
  • Instantly add your entire team to the website
  • Complete mundane tasks with one-click startup actions
  • Guide users with customizable onboarding steps
  • Install frequently used plugins collections with one click
  • Remove default themes, plugins, pages, posts, and widgets
  • Jump into website project with the Launchpad overview

Everyone Will Love It

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Startup Actions

Quickly launch your new site by automatically taking care of the startup tasks like installing plugins and other actions.


Start each website session by viewing a summary of everything that's happening and important on your site.

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