Use Case

Client Portal

Use WP SiteLauncher as a client portal to provide your clients with a centralized hub for communication, file sharing, task assignment, feedback exchange, and approvals on their own WordPress site.

πŸ‘‰Start Using Your Client’s WordPress Website As Their Client Portal

WP SiteLauncher Is Designed To Give Clients Everything They Need In One Place

Everything In One Centralized Location

Why rely on scattered emails and external tools when you can simplify client interactions directly within your WordPress sites? Introducing WP SiteLauncher’s client portalβ€”a centralized hub for seamless communication and collaboration.

Equip Your Clients With Built-In Tools

Provide your clients with everything they need by harnessing the power of WP SiteLauncher’s robust collaboration tools and features like feedback, approvals, task assignment, and file sharing within designated sections or pages, all conveniently accessible on your WordPress website.

Impress Your Clients With Intuitive Features

Wow your clients and enhance their experience with WP SiteLauncher’s array of integrated tools and features, empowering you to exceed their expectations, deliver exceptional results, and meet deadlines with ease.

Imagine Your New Workflow 🀩

(It’s Going To Be Different Now…)

Some Other Old Way πŸ‘Ž

  • Sort through scattered client email threads
  • Remind clients to do things over and over
  • Hope and pray the client actually sends content
  • Respond to client queries without context
  • Waste time looking for links or random assets
  • Delay projects deadlines due to disorganization

With WP SiteLauncher πŸ‘Œ

  • Directly communicate with clients on their site.
  • Centralize file sharing for website content
  • Assign tasks and track project progress
  • Streamline client workflow without switching platforms
  • Efficiently monitor project milestones and deadlines
  • Stay organized with a dedicated launchpad area
  • Provide quicker responses with direct context

Everyone Will Love It

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Start each website session by viewing a summary of everything that's happening and important on your site.


Keep updated on everything happening on the site like assignments, mentions, or anything related to you.


Communicate directly on the site with your team members and clients using convenient direct and group messaging!

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