Welcome To A New Era Of Collaboration In WordPress

WP SiteLauncher brings everything related to the WordPress website…to the actual website πŸ˜‰

Discover The Incredible Benefits Of WP SiteLauncher

Use WP SiteLauncher to take care of collaboration, tasks, content, communication, feedback, approvals, maintenance, training, support, and everything related to your website in one place – your website.

Quick Startup

Quickly set up your WordPress website with the convenient site settings template, automated startup actions, and customizable onboarding steps.

User Management

Save and manage all your team and client users and roles in our convenient app, and instantly add saved users to new WordPress websites.

Team Collaboration

Supercharge your team's collaboration and improve productivity, communication, and teamwork while launching new WordPress websites.

Assigning Tasks

Delegate specific WordPress website pages, elements, or anything else as assignments to teammates or clients to keep the project moving forward.

Sharing Feedback

Share and receive feedback from team members and clients to ensure the WordPress website’s content, design, and functionality are optimized to perfection.

Client Portal

Provide your clients with a centralized hub for communication, file sharing, task assignment, feedback exchange, and approvals on their own WordPress site.

Getting Content

Improve the content collection process by offering an easy way for clients to upload directly to specific pages or elements on their WordPress website.


Facilitate context-specific discussions with team members or clients right on your WordPress website and even within pages or specific elements.

Internal Notes

Write internal notes to keep track of essential information for yourself or others on the design, layout, and functionality of your WordPress website.

Formal Approvals

Simplify the approval process for clients and team leaders to ensure all requirements of a specific page or the entire WordPress website are met.

Website Maintenance

Get assistance with general WordPress maintenance related tasks on your website with features like tasks, checklists, and coming soon mode.

Client Support

Provide support services to clients, enabling them to easily ask questions or request changes about specific pages or elements on their WordPress website.

Imagine Your New Workflow 🀩

(It’s Going To Be Different Now…)

Some Other Old Way πŸ‘Ž

  • Sort through scattered email threads and vague replies
  • Manually create WordPress users for each person
  • Try to figure out what the client wants updated
  • Remind clients to do things over and over
  • Hope and pray the client actually sends content
  • Delay projects deadlines due to disorganization

With WP SiteLauncher πŸ‘Œ

  • Instantly add your entire team to the website
  • Know what is needed at the exact location on the site
  • Directly communicate with clients on their site.
  • Centralize file sharing for website content
  • Assign tasks and track project progress

πŸ‘‰Start Your Exciting New Workflow With Our Helpful Tools

How It Works

Getting Started With WP SiteLauncher

WP SiteLauncher is a WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates collaboration and project management directly into your website. It offers additional features integrated into a connected web app, specifically designed for freelancers and agencies engaged in building and maintaining sites for others.

Purchase A Plan

Choose the perfect plan for your needs, whether you are a business owner, freelancer, or agency.

Install The Plugin

Download the plugin from your account and install it on your website or client site just like usual.

Connect Your Account

Follow the prompts to log into your account, which will automatically connect the app to your site.

Access Everything From The Admin Bar

Once the WP SiteLauncher plugin is installed, activated, and connected, you will notice our toolbar seamlessly integrated into the top admin bar of your WordPress website. This provides a convenient location for you to access everything our collaboration system has to offer with a simple click on the icons.

This Is Just A Glimpse β€” Explore All (59) Features

Check out all the tools and features in WP SiteLauncher!

Our Unique Approach

Collaboration In WP SiteLauncher Happens In Three Main Locations

All the tools in WP SiteLauncher are associated with either the site in general, a specific page, or an element on a page. This unique approach to our system is the foundation for incredibly efficient collaboration.


  • A task could be general about the site, or it could be about a specific page, or it could be about an image or section on a page.
  • A feedback request could be for the entire site, or more specific to a page, or even a section on a page.
  • A conversation can happen at the site level, or on a page, or within any comment added to a page.
  • A content request could be for all the site content in general, images and text for a page, or a specific image or text in the hero section.
  • An approval could be for a section, for one page at a time, or for the whole site just before launch.
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Watch This Quick Video About WP SiteLauncher

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WP SiteLauncher is a WordPress plugin and SaaS application combination with awesome features to help start WordPress websites quickly, manage users, collaborate with your team, interact with your clients, share feedback, assign tasks, request and receive content, have discussions, confirm formal approvals, get notifications, support clients, share training guides, and improve project management all in one place where it should happen – directly on the WordPress website.

Everyone Will Love It

Agencies β€” Manage Multiple Clients Effortlessly

Handle multiple WP SiteLauncher projects smoothly by inviting team members and clients to collaborate and provide feedback. This significantly reduces coordination time, meetings, emails, and stress.

UI/UX Designers β€” Achieve Pixel-Perfect Website Designs

Ensure beautiful designs are flawlessly built in WordPress with WP SiteLauncher. Designers can provide feedback, assets, and comments to help the team match their pixel-perfect vision.

Project Managers β€” Oversee Multiple Projects With Ease

Track the progress of multiple website projects. Project managers can centralize all comments and suggestions, allowing them to guide changes, resolve issues, and keep projects on schedule.

Marketers β€” Enhance Campaigns with Integrated Tools

Integrate and manage campaigns directly on the website. Marketers can track performance, adjust content, and collaborate with the team in real time.

SEO Specialists β€” Optimize Efficiently Across Projects

Work on multiple WP SiteLauncher projects seamlessly. SEO specialists can collaborate with team members and clients to ensure all SEO tasks are completed efficiently, reducing the need for extensive coordination.

Clients β€” Seamless Communication For Perfect Results

Ensure your website perfectly represents your business. Clients can make questions, content updates, feedback, or change requests directly within the platform to save valuable time.

Developers β€” Reduce Coordination Time With Clear Context

Enjoy a seamless coding experience with clear requirements. Developers can address any questions about functionality or design directly with clients or project managers through comments.

Content Writers β€” Collaborate Seamlessly On Content

Enhance collaboration by working directly on the website. Content writers can easily share drafts, receive feedback, and make edits in one centralized location without endless email chains.

Freelancers β€” Simplify Project Management

Handle multiple client projects in one place. Freelancers can communicate with clients, manage tasks, and deliver high-quality work without the hassle of juggling multiple platforms.

Support Teams β€” Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Track and manage client requests efficiently. Support teams can use WP SiteLauncher to ensure all support tickets and inquiries are addressed promptly and accurately.

Why We Built WP SiteLauncher

A Short Message From Our Founder

Nelson Miller

Founder & Creator, WP SiteLauncher

From Frustration…
As a web design agency working with clients and team members, we were constantly frustrated with various aspects of the website building process. Clients rarely provided the necessary content, and scope creep was a real issue. Schedules were often a mess due to waiting for clients to reply to emails. Communication was scattered and inefficient. We needed a solution, but the only tools we could find were expensive, clunky, and outside of WordPress.

…To Solution!
As product creators and problem solvers, we set out to build a suite of tools that would make launching and maintaining a WordPress website fast, efficient, and highly collaborative. Our innovative solution integrates everything related to your website directly into the site, with the help of our plugin and connected SaaS app. We have a long-term vision for WP SiteLauncher and we hope you are excited to use it and find it highly valuable to your workflow as it continues to evolve and grow.