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Congratulations for taking advantage of the WP Site Launcher personal license. You can now launch and protect your new Wordpress sites in just seconds.

But if you want an extra income stream, we have an offer here to sweeten the pot... dramatically.

The license you just bought lets you use WP Site Launcher on your own sites. Whether you have 1 site or 500, you can install WP Site Launcher on all of them.


The personal license is limited to use on your sites only. That's a great value in itself, but you could be making way more money with a developer license.

The Developer PRO License lets you set up WP Site Launcher on…

Unlimited Client Sites.

We all know how time consuming it is to set up a Wordpress site initially.

So naturally, there is a massive market demand for Wordpress setup and installation services.

We want you to make the best of your investment with our Developer PRO License option which allows you to make money when installing this plugin on your client sites.

You DON'T need to be a developer to do this -- adding Wordpress consultation to your service line is something anyone can do.

And with WP Site Launcher, it's now easier than ever.

2 Great Ways To Boost Your Income With Developer PRO License.

Option #1:

Make $50 to $200 As Service Fee for
Creating Websites in 10 seconds!

Doing Wordpress setups is one of the best, easiest business models available online. Consultants regularly charge $50 to $200 for setting up a simple site.

But for some high-end themes, that setup process can be extremely time consuming.

Using WP Site Launcher on your installs saves you up to an hour's labor--or more.

Imagine being able to make anywhere from $50 to $200 for setting up their wordpress blog in a matter of seconds.

There are so many people who need this kind of service and that’s very easy money you can start making instantly.

Option #2:

Sell Unlimited Sites On Flippa
For $100 - $500!

Flippa is the world's leading online marketplace for buying and selling websites.

Dozens of people buy and sell online businesses on Flippa, with top sites selling for $150,000 or more.

You can sell simple Wordpress sites on Flippa for $100-$500 -- but really, the sky is the limit. If you truly invest in making your site the best it can be, you could sell a site for $1000, $2000 or more.

These are just a few of the business models you can pursue with the Developer PRO License.

With a little creativity and imagination, the sky is the limit.

And, If You Order Now, I'll Sweeten
The Pot By Throwing In Two Incredible
Value-Adding Bonuses.

Bonus #1: Click Notify

(Developer License Included – Priced At $47)

Easily Bring Readers Back To Your Website
Again And Again...Any Time You Want!

The uses for this plugin are nearly endless. But even better than that, it's as easy to set up and use as you'd expect from a WordPress plugin...

One-click installation via your WordPress dashboard.

Easy-to-follow instructions for making use of Google's "push notifications" technology on your blog.

Unlimited push notifications allowed--plus you can see all your past notifications and how many users each was sent to.

View stats on number of registered users so you can gauge your growth.

One-click subscription makes it easy for your readers--no name or email fields to fill in.

Custom widget lets you place your subscribe button in any sidebar or footer.

Short-code option allows button placement on any page or post.

One-click unsubscribe lets readers opt-out of receiving notifications whenever they choose.

Click Notify WordPress Plugin gives you the power of an email subscription with deliverability that simply cannot be beat. You'll never wonder if your readers saw or read an email, or worry about your open rates again.

Remember you also get FULL Developer License to Click Notify Plugin.

Bonus #2: Comment Promo Commando

(Developer License Included – Priced At $47)

Capture Your Readers' Attention And Guide Them Into Your Sales Funnel By Making Use Of The Most Ignored And Overlooked Real Estate On Your Blog...

The possibilities are nearly limitless. That's because this easy-to-use plugin comes equipped with...

A WYSIWYG editor for complete control over the look and feel of the text.

The ability to add images and clickable buttons.

A super-simple opt-in form integration panel that works with any autoresponder service.

One-click social media buttons.

Unlimited design possibilities - no CSS needed!

The option to easily choose background colors, borders, and more.

And even better, because this plugin is designed for WordPress, you know it...

Will be easy to install and configure using a simple point and click interface.

Makes use of WordPress' built-in editor so there's no learning curve.

Takes advantage of your current theme so you maintain your branding.

Is simple to update so your site stays secure.

This innovative plugin gives you a chance to turn a single comment into a solid relationship by offering more interaction just when your reader is most interested!

Remember you also get FULL Developer License to Comment Promo Commando.

Get The Most Out Of Your Investment...

Upgrade To The Developer PRO License Today
To Enjoy All These Benefits:

Install WP Site Launcher on Unlimited client sites.

Sell WP sites upgraded with WP Site Launcher on Flippa or any other marketplace.

Charge any price for WP Site Launcher enhanced Wordpress development services

Charge any price for WP Site Launcher enhanced websites.


Use Click Notify on both your sites and your client sites.

Use Comment Promo Commando on both your sites and your client sites.

Sell WP sites upgraded with Click Notify & Comment Promo Commando on Flippa or any other marketplace.

Charge any price for Click Notify & Comment Promo Commando enhanced Wordpress development services

Charge any price for Click Notify & Comment Promo Commando enhanced websites.

That’s literally THREE wordpress plugins along with Developer License to everything you’re getting for the price of ONE.

Now are you ready to take action?

You can unlock this huge door of opportunity that we’re giving you with the Developer PRO license today.

Plus… you get to sweep all our TWO software (Developer License Included!) mentioned above as FREE BONUSES when taking action right now.

Go ahead. Get it now!

Grab Your Developer PRO License To
WP Site Launcher + Click Notify + Comment Promo Commando Now!

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